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MuCore 1.08 - English. by MaryJo & Isumeru. Bizarre-Networks.Net
Posted on November 8, 2011 | 19:31
Thank you for Choosing MuCore 1.0.8!

This script was shared by MaryJo and Isumeru on its Spanish version to be released on ChilePlanet y Bizarre Mind Networks then We decided to share the English version on our main site (BMN) and on RageZone.


MaryJo took over the long process of decrypting the modules, backlinks removal from the mucore sales server, minor correction to modules, creation of the AGMCP, Isumeru was the second in charge of the project to get it all done. Created some of the modules like the user and admin logger, helped with Spanish translation and integrated the webshop into the installation process.

Support will only be given at Bizarre Mind Networks and maybe (depending on member volunteering) at RageZone. For Spanish support Visit our allied site: ChilePlanet. This is a free release, but if you wish to help us you can do so by either helping on our community or with a small Donation.


If you paid for this release you got Scammed!

By Administrador (Administrator)

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